Oshawa Ribfest

Billy Bones BBQ has celebrated over 30 years of travelling from festival to festival all over Canada and the United States. Billy Bones BBQ offers BBQ sauces, BBQ rubs, hot sauces, competition dry rubs for ribs, pork, chicken and more.
Camp 31 BBQ was founded in 1908 as a "Saw Mill" general store outside Brewton, Alabama. Along with the awards and trophies, they are still one of the most productive BBQ teams on the road today, cooking the best Southern Style Bar-B-Que.
Fat Boys BBQ is a family owned business and operates a portfolio of more than three independant rib teams. In 1999, company founder George Kefalidis opened the first rib team in London.
Hawgs Gone Wild BBQ was founded in 1985 in Daytona Beach, Florida. They have been on the BBQ competition circuit for the past ten years. Hawgs Gone Wild has won well over 100 awards.
Silver Bullet BBQ has been in business for over ten years bringing you the best smoked ribs. Their Sauce and dry rub recipes originated in the heart of Texas.
Sticky Fingers BBQ has been at Oshawa Ribfest for many years. They travel all of over Canada and the United States attending ribfests and many other festivals.